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Iris panel

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Stained Glass

Drake has been creating custom stained glass panels in a wide variety of styles for over twenty years.  From windows to glass-and-neon signs, to an overhead pool-table lamp.  The lupine and iris panels above are examples of versatile designs which can be included in furniture or cabinet doors, window panels, or built into 'shadow' boxes with self-contained backlighting.

Recently completed custom window for family (approx. 30"x22")

These panels surround the entry door of a home in Montana.  The design was a collaboration between Drake and the artist/homeowner.  
Upper Left panelUpper right panel
Door with 3 panelsLower panel

Here are a few examples of combining stained glass and custom neon.  
Softly SilkEagle with Neon
Eagle with Neon 2
This secretary desk, built by Drake, includes two stained-glass iris panels.Desk with glass panel doors
These three consecutive  panels form the doors of kitchen cabinets.Cabinet doors
This nautical themed window admits lots of light and preserves privacy.  Kitchen window
These lions frame a transom window installed above a custom built restaurant door (see the door on the Woodworking page).Lion transom window
This semi-abstract window panel includes  art-deco style flower designs, and allows in lots of light while preserving privacy.Window
This is a nautical-themed overhead lamp for a billiards table.Pool table overhead lamp


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